2018 Artist's Reception

When the First Baptist Library was remodeled a few years ago, the remodeling team had in mind that they would like the room to be available for showing off various types of art work, including that produced by members and non-members alike. In the time since, one wall has been dedicated to the display of photographs by Bill Abeles, Judy Kennison, and Tony Lister. More recently other art works have been added, and on April 22, 2018 the Adult Education hour provided an opportunity for four of the artists to describe their displayed works.

Shown below are photographs of each of the works and a brief audio description by the artist that can be activated by clicking on the "Artist's remarks" text.

Eva M. Capabianco

For many years Eva has used re-cycled furniture in her artwork. The wall sculpture shown here, Bonsai with Leaves, uses part of an old lectern that was removed from the basement of First Baptist during a clean-up motivated by encouragement from an Ithaca Fire Department inspection.

See more of Eva's works at www.evasculpture.com

Eva's Remarks

Magdalen Lindesberg

For many months the Pastoral Search Committee of the First Unitarian Society of Ithaca used First Baptist space for their weekly meetings. As a gesture of gratitude, Magdalen Lindesberg made the quilt, Embracing Hope, shown to the right.

Magdalen's Remarks

Julia E. Dean

Julie believes there is a sacred message to be found when we notice what calls our attention. She has created a series of stylized Grotto Sconces as an interactive work. Her hope is that we will use them to help us pay attention to the things we notice: small objects from a nature walk, old family heirlooms and photographs, or any meaniful objects can be placed in the Grotto.

See more of Julie's work at www.juliaedean.com

Julie's Remarks

John Lyon Paul

John's paintings are full of contrasting textures, and often dynamically juxtapose natural and geometric forms. They seem to grow like crystals whose multiple layers alternately obscure and reveal. The painting shown here is from John's Pilgrimage series, and is on consignment to First Baptist.

See more of John's work at www.johnlyonpaul.com

John's Remarks


What does the Lord require of you?
To do Justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
~Micah 6:8~