Traditional Events of First Baptist Church a



During Holy Week, First Baptist Church in DeWitt Park will offer a moving devotional experience intended to deepen our awareness of God by opening our eyes, our ears, and our hearts.

Inspired by a spiritual tradition meaningful in church history throughout the centuries, "The Prayer Path" is a fusion of ancient and postmodern - a symbolic journey of prayer, self-discovery, and encounter with God. Unlike a traditional maze, the labyrinth has only one continuous path. This diagonal labyrinth, created by several London-based worship groups and first presented at St. Paul's Cathedral, strategically leads each participant through eleven stations that focus on important aspects of spiritual life. It is a place where participants can get away from the busy-ness of their lives and dedicate an hour to prayer, contemplation of the Scripture, and personal spiritual commitment.


Doorstep Reception

While it is certainly true that there is a time to witness, a time to pray, a time to hold forth in faith, it is also true that as a community there is a time to fellowship and enjoy one another's company. We need the time to listen to each other collectively in the worship service setting. We accomplish this through our “joys and concerns”. Equally important are opportunities for one-on-one fellowship. The coffee hour, with fair trade coffee, after the service through the colder months and punch on the doorstep in the Summer months, affords this opportunity. This is a time to get to know others in the Church community, as well as to let others know about you!

Second Sunday Brunch

On the second Sunday of each month members and visitors alike are invited to a dish-to-share brunch in the Community Room to enjoy the fellowship of sharing a meal with friends and to take some time to meet and get to know those who are new to First Baptist. Members are encouraged to bring a dish to share, but all are welcome with or without bringing something.

Christmas and Easter Morning Breakfast

Each year the church gathers to share breakfast on a selected Sunday to celebrate the Christmas and Easter seasons. This is separate from our monthly Second Sunday brunch and is also a dish-to-share event. This meal usually is held before the worship service.

First Baptist Annual Garage Sale

Throughout the year, members and friends of First Baptist Church save clean items in good condition that they no longer have a use for and donate them to our annual garage sale event. This event raises much needed funds to support ministries of the church and organizations supported by First Baptist. If you have items that you would like to donate for this event, please call the church office at 273-5800.


Interfaith Music Celebration, First Baptist Church participates in this Praise to God in Music event each year at the First Presbyterian Church, usually held in November. Numerous faiths and congregations contribute to this celebration. The event will is followed by a time of socializing and a light supper.  For more information and pictures from last year's event, visit:


What does the Lord require of you?
To do Justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
~Micah 6:8~