Becoming A Member of First Baptist Church a

We are delighted that you are seeking information about joining First Baptist Church's faith community. Our pastor and members of the Ministry Teams  hope that you will experience areas of First Baptist's church life that support and engage you while you decide whether to join in full membership, or as you strengthen your ties to the church as a valued friend.

We encourage you to engage in any or all of the following:

· Conversations  with those with whom you have made the strongest connections. These one-to-one conversations are often the most fruitful ways to find out if First Baptist is a good fit for you. They give you an opportunity to get to know persons whose lives have been enriched by First Baptist involvement, and an opportunity to explore your own personal/religious/spiritual life and needs.

· Attending church membership classes. These are offered periodically and are designed to help people learn more about First Baptist and what church membership means. The membership classes are offered to members and non-members alike.

· Joining in First Baptist activities and functions such as: Wednesday evening Bible study, singing in the choir, second Sunday dish-to pass following worship, Friday evening dinner discussion gathering, etc. You are welcome at any of First Baptist's ongoing events.

When you feel that you are comfortable as part of the First Baptist church community and want to join in full membership, please contact a member of the Worship Ministry Team to introduce yourself and to discuss what you hope to receive from the church, how you might want to contribute to the life of the church and what your previous religious experience has been. The Team will explain that there are different ways to join the church that include baptism, letter of transfer, Christian experience and student affiliate. After meeting with the pastor and the Team, a time will then be set for you to be introduced to the congregation and to join First Baptist as a member.







What does the Lord require of you?
To do Justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
~Micah 6:8~