Ministries Supported By First Baptist

The following is a list of ministries supported by First Baptist Church. Many members and friends of First Baptist may be of help to you if you would like to have more information about a particular effort listed. If there is a contact person listed and you would like to speak to them, please contact the church office at 607-273-5800 for information on how to reach them.

Local Ministries

Kitchen Cupboard
Many hands make light work. On the last Sunday of each month we collect donations of money, non-perishable food items, toiletries, and diapers for the Ithaca Kitchen Cupboard, a community food pantry located in the Salvation Army building. The food pantry is supported by fourteen local congregations and is the major on-going activity of Area Congregations Together. We also provide two or three individuals on the third Friday of each month to bag three-day supplies of food for families in need. New workers are always welcome and we provide a quick on-the-job training. Commitment: an occasional Friday from 1:15 till 3 pm, as your schedule allows. Contact Sue Hemsath or Amanda Ufford.

The Friendship Center Lunches
The first Thursday of each month, a number of members and friends of First Baptist gather in the kitchen to make sandwiches, which are then delivered, along with apples and snacks, to the Friendship Center. The Friendship Center, a program of the Ithaca Rescue Mission, provides a safe place out of the elements that is open to all, serving three meals daily.

Tompkins County Worker's Center As a member of the Tompkins Counter Worker's Center, First Baptist Church has confirmed it's position that:

  • We all deserve to have good jobs with good wages so we can live decently.
  • We all deserve rights and fair treatment as workers.
  • Healthcare is a right - everybody should have affordable and comprehensive access to it.
  • We all deserve livable and affordable housing

The Tim Hembrooke Community Dinner
The Tim Hembrooke Community Dinner allows First Baptist to share a holiday meal with less fortunte families in the local community. The meal, typically held a few weeks before Christmas in December each year, is usually accompanied by a short musical program and gift-giving to all children in attendance. The dinner is named in honor of Tim Hembrooke, a member of the First Baptist community who cooked much of the meal for this event several years before his untimely death. For more details, contact Baruch Whitehead or Steve Farrell.

The Giving Tree (mid Nov-Early Dec) and Mom and Dad bags
A holiday giving opportunity to local families. A tagged tree is set up in the sanctuary listing items that would help make the Christmas Holidays more festive for less advantaged families. Along with children’s gifts of clothing and toys, we also make and fill gift bags for moms and dads. In the past few years we have done this through Enfield Elementary School, where there is often a great need. Coordinators: Sue Hemsath and Linda Caughey.

Global Ministries

Zambian Children's Fund
In Zambia, more than two million children are orphans. The Zambian Children's Fund is working to feed, shelter, and educate orphaned children through various projects.

The principal beneficiary of this work is the Chishawasha Children's Home, which was featured in the November 2007 issue of Smithsonian Magazine and on the Kids with Cameras website. Students' photographs are now available to you online as high quality art prints. Proceeds will ensure this project's future and benefit the Chishawasha Childrens Home

For information about First Baptist's work with this mission, please see our Zambian Children's Fund Page. For more information, please contact Louise Mudrak.

Mariam’s Care Mariam Keita and her family, including her husband, Andre, pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Bamako, Mali, and their newborn daughter Jokebed (Joke) arrived in Ithaca in early October 2006 for Mariam to undergo treatment for aggressive breast cancer. First Baptist and the greater Ithaca community rallied to provide support as the couple was transplanted into a foreign environment while Mariam fought a life-threatening disease. Those who were involved in Mariam’s Care were awed by Mariam’s spiritual strength. We adored Joke as she grew in our midst. We rejoiced as Mariam responded dramatically to the treatments. We witnessed God’s Miracle for Mariam. For reflections of Maimouna Harouna and Bill Phelan, with behind the scenes descriptions of the events that brought them to Ithaca, and the genesis of Mariam’s Care, please visit: Reflections 

For contact information, please call the church office at 273-5800.

Feel free to call or email with ideas, questions, or any other energies you may want to share.

What does the Lord require of you?
To do Justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
~Micah 6:8~