Our Pastor's Profile

The Rev. David Johnson is our Interim Pastor, who arrived here in March 2016 with his wife Geri.
Rev. Johnson describes himself as warm, engaging and enthusiastic. Others have described him as caring, likable and creative. His passion is to help a church grow by stimulating excitement and enthusiasm through the discovery of the fullness of God’s love. While practicing law, he said that he learned first hand the hollowness of personal achievement. He writes “It has been through my life with Christ that I have found richness and joy through the promises of the Gospel.”

Rev. Johnson places a high priority on preaching and leading worship, seeking to have his “Biblically-based” sermons tied to a whole, unified worship experience with a variety of religious expression. As a former minister of music, Rev. Johnson encourages artistic expression, and as part of his own artistic expression, Rev. Johnson has written hymns and has used his own computer-generated 3D animation other multimedia effectively in worship.

Rev. Johnson describes his leadership style as one that brings out people’s passions through encouragement, motivation and helping them to envision what they want to do. He admits that he doesn’t really want to be around people that are all the same, but prefers being
 around folks who are different. He says that he is skilled at conflict resolution and his work in racial reconciliation helped him in his collaboration with conservative Bible Baptists and political activists.
To the query, “What do you enjoy most about being a Pastor, Rev. Johnson replied, “I really enjoy being a kind, gentle pastor to people who are hurting. I enjoy preaching, sermon preparation, and Bible study. I love to see churches grow and the stewardship and evangelism component of that activity.”

Please welcome both Pastor Johnson and his wife to our First Baptist community.





What does the Lord require of you?
To do Justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
~Micah 6:8~