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Big and Joyous News!  The Chishawasha School had its official opening on May 16.  Kathe Padilla has written to us describing the event; copies will be available on the bench outside of the FBC Office.  It is also described on the weekly blog of Sam Weeks (our Ithacan who is volunteering at the orphanage and school for the year) at

More Good News!  Our ZCF Working Group- Ithaca is working hard to support and supply a library for the Chishawasha School. We are working to send a suitcase full of good African Stories and Folktales by the end of June.  If you would like to learn more about the Library Suitcase Project, contact Barb Fry, Sue Eymann, Tony Lister or Louise Mudrak.

Zambian Children’s Fund –
Big News & Good News                       
From Louise Mudrak, Sue Eymann and Tony Lister

Thank you to everyone who contributed to drip irrigation equipment and to the Chishawasha Kids With Cameras project!!  And to  everyone who bought Julie Costie’s bread with proceeds going to the ZCF Ambuya Project!

Our ZCF Working Group has been busy and is again swinging into full action this fall.  We work hard on behalf of the Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia (CCHZ), laugh a lot, feel good about what we do, and stay very humble as we learn a lot together. We meet at least once a month in homes or churches (First Baptist and Unitarian Churches are the anchors) and include anyone in the area who wants to work with us.  Call Louise Mudrak if you want to discuss joining (273-3825).
Sustainable Agriculture –          
We worked with Chapin Living Waters ( and sent a Super Bucket Drip Irrigation kit to Chishawasha.  The gardens are prospering and help contribute to the food supply at the orphanage.  Chapin has shipped a container of Bucket Kits to Malawi.  This fall we will be working to get kits shipped from Malawi to CCHZ and to see if we can support two house mothers and possibly an older student or two to go to Malawi for training.
Kids With Cameras – This was sent by Klaus Schoenwiese, the photographer we helped support to conduct a photo workshop with Chishawasha students :
Both Smithsonian Magazine {November Issue}and the Kids with Cameras have chosen to feature our Chishawasha Photo Workshop nationwide in print and online.  Our own online Students' Gallery will go live in November 2007 to compliment these nationwide publications. The student's photographs will then also be available to a general public as high quality photo art via secure online purchase. Until then they are to remain unpublished. If you can help promoting our project or are professionally interested in a private viewing, please don't hesitate to contact me... we have an exhibition proposal package ready for presentation and are interested in establishing contact to exhibition venues.
Meanwhile  - You can already get to know my students and see a project trailer with my own photography on our new project website address below. Starting November 1 it will also host the Students' Gallery.

Please visit our project web site at: and

Our Working Group will assist Klaus in seeking upscale photo venues nationwide (let us know if you have contacts & ideas) and in developing and producing print materials to accompany the exhibition.  


Chishawasha Students’ Photos Available for Purchase Beginning Nov. 1

Last spring, members of First Baptist generously supplied funds for the purchase of cameras for use by Chishawasha orphanage students who participated in the Kids With Cameras workshop. Prints of the photos taken by the kids were featured in the November Smithsonian Magazine and will become available for sale online beginning November 1st at:  and

The purchase price is $200 for each photo.  You will receive a high quality, poster sized print suitable for display on a church, office or gallery wall. This price will pay for very high end digitizing and the cost of entering another copy of the print into a Traveling Exhibition of Chishawasha Student Work to be displayed at prestigious galleries and museums throughout the nation.  The purpose of the Exhibition is to display the student work and to educate people about the millions of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. If you have any questions, contact the Zambian Children’s Fund Working Group-Ithaca & First Baptist.

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