Pastor Debbie Bennett Reynolds

We’re delighted you are looking at our website and hope you will explore who we are and then reach out and connect with us. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been holding remote-only (on-line) worship services and programs. But, our church community continues to be very active, caring for each other in this time, supporting ministries in our community, and having small, in-person activities outdoors. If you wish to receive instructions on how to join our Zoom worship services or to connect with other programs, please email us at or call the church office at 607-273-5800. If you are looking for a spiritual community that seeks to live out Christ’s love and welcome to all people, come join us!

Core Values

First Baptist Church in Ithaca is a nurturing and inclusive community. Guided by Jesus’ teachings, we strive for social and ecological justice; and embrace the Baptist tradition of Bible, Soul, Church, and Religious freedoms.

Racial Justice  

We acknowledge our long history of systemic racism that benefits white people and excludes people of color. We affirm that Black Lives Matter and reject acts of violence against all people of color. We commit to taking concrete steps to dismantle white supremacy in our own congregation and in our society.