Sunday Worship, September 24

Please join us, either in person or via Zoom, for worship on Sunday morning at First Baptist Church on the northeast corner of DeWitt Park. If you want to join us via Zoom, and are not already on the First Baptist email list please contact

  • Pastor Debbie’s Message is entitled Mercy, not Merit;
  • The choir will sing Alan Billingsley’s choral arrangement of the Beatles All You Need is Love; and
  • After a brief time for fellowship, including in Breakout Rooms for those joining us on Zoom, we will be preparing for our Gateway to PorchFest activities.  Please plan to join us!

COVID Protocols

We are continuing hybrid in-person/Zoom worship services. Please feel free to join us, either in person or via Zoom. If you want to join us via Zoom, and are not already on the First Baptist email list please contact

We now know that vaccines are very effective against the omicron variant; please be sure to get your booster if you haven’t already! In spite of the continued presence of COVID in our community we have adopted a policy of mask-optional for those worshiping in person. We ask everyone to continue to be mindful of safe distances, to limit physical contact, and to avoid attending in person if you are feeling unwell and/or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID infection.

As usual, audio versions of the Scripture Reading and Message of this service will be posted on the Recorded Sermons page under this tab shortly after the conclusion of the service.

Saturday Evening Prayer Services

During the 2020 Lenten season, First Baptist joined together on Saturday evenings for special Lenten Prayer services.  These were so successful, especially after they went on-line using Zoom, that we have decided to continue them for the foreseeable future. Please consider joining us for these special services:

  • Saturday Evening Prayer services from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. These services will include opportunities for chant, Scripture reading, and silent meditation.
    These also will be offered only remotely using Zoom. See weekly email reminders for the Zoom Meeting link.

Please join us for one or more of these services!