Zambian Children’s Fund

In Zambia, more than two million children are orphans. The Zambian Children’s Fund is working to feed, shelter, and educate orphaned children through various projects.

The principal beneficiary of this work is the Chishawasha Children’s Home, which was featured in the November 2007 issue of Smithsonian Magazine and on the Kids with Cameras website. Students’ photographs are now available to you online as high quality art prints. Proceeds will ensure this project’s future and benefit the Chishawasha Childrens Home

For more information, please contact Louise Mudrak.

Miriam’s Care

Mariam Keita and her family, including her husband, Andre, pastor of the Evangelical Baptist Church of Bamako, Mali, and their newborn daughter Jokebed (Joke) arrived in Ithaca in early October 2006 for Mariam to undergo treatment for aggressive breast cancer. First Baptist and the greater Ithaca community rallied to provide support as the couple was transplanted into a foreign environment while Mariam fought a life-threatening disease. Those who were involved in Mariam’s Care were awed by Mariam’s spiritual strength. We adored Joke as she grew in our midst. We rejoiced as Mariam responded dramatically to the treatments. We witnessed God’s Miracle for Mariam.

For contact information, please call the church office at 273-5800.