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We are using the Velux theme, which suggests a header image size of 2400 × 1300 pixels. But the image may be cropped if viewed on different devices – for example, a smartphone may show a much narrower version. So it’s important to put the focal point in the middle of the photo, and not place any important details on the edges.

Updating the Member Directory

First login to WordPress with your username and password like you normally would to edit the site. (https://firstbaptistithaca.org/wp-admin). Then click on Media on the left side toolbar:

This brings you to the Media Library. In the Search box, type “FBC-Directory”:

There may be several directories listed, but the one you want is called “FBC-Directory,.pdf”. Click on it.

On the right hand side of the box, you should see a Replace Media section with an Upload a New File button:

Click “Upload a new file” and you will see:

Click underneath New and select the updated directory from the Drive. It doesn’t have to be named FBC-Directory.pdf, but it should be a PDF file. Finally, click on the Upload button at the bottom:

And now the directory is updated.

If you wish, you can edit the Members Page and update the date next to the FBC Directory link.